Purchasing license(s) for CleanRated’s communications platform is easy and affordable.

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Each license includes:

  • CleanRated checklist

    Sleep better at night knowing your company has not left out any essential COVID or related protocols. The CleanRated Checklist has over 130 concise protocols to choose from, none of them exceeding 15 words, with “How To” links for each.

  • Window sticker with QR code to your profile page

    Customers/employees will feel assured to come to your location when they can see the specific actions you are taking to keep them safe. Each licensed location comes with an easily removable window sticker including a custom QR code. The QR code links to your profile page, showing the actions you are taking there to assure their safety.

  • Profile page showing your practices

    The world is online, and so will be your COVID defense protocols. And as each of your location’s governmental recommendations and mandates change from green-to-yellow-to-red and back to green again, so can your profile page. It’s all very dynamic!

  • Online distribution to your other locations

    With all of your locations using the same standard, it’s so much easier to ensure that everyone is following your company-mandated protocols. Your organization’s Admin has access to analyze what is being done across your portfolio locations to cross-pollinate learnings among different locations. There’s even a way to set up the checklist so that only the protocols that you require every location manager to follow appear in their checklist.

  • Templates to communicate your practices to employees, clients, and media

    Communicating to your stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors, etc.) is vastly simplified with CleanRated’s pre-written templates for stakeholder communications, press releases, and more. It’s a great head start for you to customize to your company’s particular needs.

  • Poster PDF to display select practices

    Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you’ve communicated to your employees and guests every which way you can – as often as you can.

  • CleanRated trust symbol for your website

    Having the CleanRated badge on your website that takes them to your company-wide location page where all of your licensed locations are listed. You can rest assured knowing you are being transparent in taking the right actions to keep your guests safe.