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GreenRated – A Better Alternative to Managing Sustainably!

GreenRated provides an easy-to-read checklist of best practices for sustainable management of your facilities.

GreenRated provides

  • An easy way to help you manage sustainably at each location in your portfolio
  • Tools for communicating your commitment to the sustainability-concerned customers, employees, and community you want to attract and retain
  • A Wish List to track your sustainability improvement commitments.

  • A proprietary loss-recovery calculator that shows where you are losing money annually by not engaging in specific sustainability practices at each location.

Easy to use. Easy to understand. Easy to communicate to all of your stakeholders. And one of the most cost-efficient sustainability platforms in North America today! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Combined Dual-Platform Purchase Price Per Location
Locations Year 1
50% off
Year 2
55% off
Year 3
60% off
Year 4
65% off
Year 5
70% off
1-10 $1,800Save $600 $1,392Save $1,008 $1,176Save $1,224 $972Save $1,428 $780Save $1,620
11-50 $1,650Save $750 $1,276Save $1,124 $1,078Save $1,322 $891Save $1,509 $715Save $1,685
51-100 $1,500Save $900 $1,160Save $1,240 $980Save $1,420 $810Save $1,590 $650Save $1,750
101-250 $1,350Save $1,050 $1,044Save $1,356 $882Save $1,518 $729Save $1,671 $585Save $1,815
251-500 $1,200Save $1,200 $928Save $1,472 $784Save $1,616 $648Save $1,752 $520Save $1,880
501-1,000 $1,050Save $1,350 $812Save $1,588 $686Save $1,714 $567Save $1,833 $455Save $1,945
1,000+ $900Save $1,500 $696Save $1,704 $588Save $1,812 $486Save $1,914 $390Save $2,010
Platform Features GreenRated Sustainability Mgmt CleanRated Return-to-Work
For companies with single or multiple locations to self-evaluate their practices check check
The platform proactively communicates your commitment to all stakeholders check check
All Checklist items 15 words or less – takes less than 30 minutes to complete check check
Engages employees at each location in the company-wide solution check check
Provides instructions for company protocols to the manager at every location check check
Becomes a mutually understood checklist for senior management oversight check check
Assesses protocols you: ARE doing, NOT doing, and ASK an associate for help check check
Wish List feature identifies practices you want to do this year with a reminder check
CDC updates provided check
Each Checklist question provides a How-To of approaches & answers check
Holds everyone accountable by providing for easy auditing check check
Smartphone App to track tasks identified as critical (additional cost) check
Loss Recovery Calculator identifying where you are losing money annually check
Many tools to communicate to your employees, customers, and your community check check
30-day money-back guarantee check check
Window stickers with QR codes to your profile page (1 per location, per platform) check check
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