The CleanRated Checklist is an easy to understand and actionable list to follow of occupational hygiene and safety protocols in this current epidemic world. It allows you to deploy, monitor and most importantly communicate your best practices for employee and guest safety.

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The Checklist was compiled and reviewed by experts in the areas of disease control, emergency response planning, office design, and safety. It covers over 110 recommendations and mandates in seven categories.

The COVID pandemic crisis checklist is primarily based on the CDC checklist, but simplified to 15 words per item for ease of understanding and maximized delegation.

Checklist Features

  • 7 different categories
  • Over 110 yes/no checklist questions for you to choose from
  • Each question is 15 words or less.
  • Checklist can be completed in under 20 minutes.
  • “How to” links for helping you implement these practices
  • Updated governmental and professional recommendations on a regular basis


CleanRated does not offer medical or legal advice. If you have medical or legal questions about any checklist content selected by a licensee, you should seek counsel from your professional advisor.